About the Site

Legacy of WCW aims to provide one of the most comprehensive looks at the history of pro wrestling’s former #2 promotion ever written. Featuring reviews of every major TV episode/PPV event I can find from 1991 (when WCW officially split from the NWA and became its own entity) up until its untimely demise in 2001 (when the company was sold for peanuts after two creatively bankrupt years), in as much of a chronological order as humanly possible, Legacy of WCW hopes to keep the memory of World Championship Wrestling alive and provide a fresh take on the company’s history, revisionist-free.

About the Author

Jonathan Sullivan has been a pro wrestling fan since the age of 4, starting with the WWF in 1991 and while his love of the entertainment medium has ebbed and flowed through the years pro wrestling has always had a place in his heart. He’s been writing about the industry since 2013, both on his (many many many) old sites as well as for outlets like 411Mania and Free Pro Wrestling. He currently resides outside of Ft. Worth, TX and works a day job to help fuel his obsessions. Follow him on Twitter to see what you’re getting into.

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